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More time-consuming (plan for longer visits).

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While most of the preventive maintenance we can perform around the house will be great for the drains we see most often, some pipes are more difficult to attend to.

Outdoor buildings (ie barns, workshops and art studios) can be a source of heavier drain load. Larger solid particulates can accumulate here, and the pipes are often more difficult to access. In addition, sometimes there's something along the flowpath that needs to be addressed, like a grease trap or a garbage disposal. These are just more involved projects that we'll never avoid. However, we may need your help in preparing the workspace, especially in order to protect your belongings from accidental water damage. We're easy to talk to in advance; we'll provide a free on-site estimate in case you need to move a tractor or secure some artwork that might be in the vicinity of the drainage trouble.

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