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There are times when pipes will benefit from more thorough cleaning. Perhaps a snake or maintenance with that 20% vinegar solution you learned about on the FAQs page merely scratches the surface of bigger problems. Maybe the pipe's age is the sole culprit.

Hydrojetting is a solid way to remove any obstructions in your drainage system. What's more, it ensures a better smoothness on the inside of those pipes so that what needs to flow onward can do so with the least friction the pipes can allow. Without getting into the physics of it, it's sufficient to say that one small "bump" (mineral buildup, hair clump, woodchip or what have you) will act like a traffic jam. Before too long, more of what you expected to move out to the septic tank or wastewater treatment facility did in fact get hung up on the rough area inside your pipe. And more, and more. We can mitigate the problem with hydojetting and will know if/when it's time for that step. easy to reach.