About Kevin Northen

I run a full-service, family-owned & operated sewer & drain clearing service company. My experienced technicians and I are centered in Santa Rosa yet also servicing the 101 corridor from Petaluma to Healdsburg. We offer a quote by phone without a site visit. We are all animal lovers and will not be bothered by pets. Most importantly, we have the utmost respect for our clients' personal space. We leave no trace and, in fact, we leave your property in a better place than before you called us.


We show up happy and friendly. No fancy trucks or uniforms, no lettering or logos. Just a strong job performance at a fair price. We choose not to spend money on ads or commercials. Our technicians don't go to Florida for expensive training. Therefore, our low overhead passes significant cost savings on to you. Should you need help, we're a quick call away at 707 478 2675.

We use video exploration.

Our company performs the fundamentals, from preventive to emergent.

Like Sam Blanc, the inventor of RotoRooting.


This is a strategic, scheduled program that we perform when it's convenient for you. You'll find out perhaps more than you wanted to about what happens underground but the results will simplify your life. Just ask.


Your drains are cleared at a great price, with fantastic service. We don’t upsell! We'd rather you think of us as a rapid-response team whose costs are transparent, unbeatable and respectful.


Call us and we’ll be at your door FAST with no trip charge for drains and sewers. There's no reason to nickel & dime our clients. This is actually a relationship business, and it's old hat for us.